How to Deflate an Air Mattress

Updated March 23, 2017

An air bed is a convenient, portable bed that you can carry along with you on camping trips, sleepovers, and family visits. If you get a hotel room with some friends and run out of bed space, you can set up an air bed for the extra person. Because an air bed can take up a lot of floor space, it's not convenient to leave it inflated when not in use. While easy to inflate, the air bed deflation process requires a bit more effort.

Unhook the air release nozzle on the mattress. You will start to hear the air coming out slowly.

Step on the air bed, starting at the opposite end from the air-release nozzle. Get a friend to help if possible. Walk around the top edge of the mattress to force the air out more quickly. Continue walking until the majority of the air is gone.

Go to the end of the mattress opposite of the air-release nozzle and start slowly rolling the mattress up. Push the excess air out with your hands and feet if necessary, and keep rolling until your reach the opposite side of the mattress (with the nozzle). Allow a few more minutes for the last bit of air to escape from the open nozzle.

Fold the air bed up as tightly as possible and insert it back into the storage bag for later use.


If you're tired of going through this deflation process, consider buying an air bed that deflates on its own. It is more expensive, but it will save you time and effort. To avoid deflating the air bed every morning, place it (still inflated) on top of a regular bed or lift it up on its side against a wall.

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