How to Start a Cleaning Business From Scratch

Updated March 23, 2017

Starting a cleaning business from scratch requires hard work, start-up money and knowledge about the business. A cleaning business can help out those who are unable to, or are unwilling to, clean their homes or businesses. Cleaning services have a wide target audience, and finding work is not too difficult. As with all businesses, you must possess a good business IQ and have a passion for what you're doing. By making sound choices when starting, your cleaning business has a high chance of succeeding.

Decide upon which type of cleaning business you want to start. All cleaning services have different start-up costs, license procedures and inventory needs.

Obtain financing. Money is the backbone of starting a business, and with a poor money plan, your cleaning business will fail. Obtaining money can come from a wealth of different resources, including: friends and family, banks, your own pocket, or by teaming up with a partner.

Decide whether or not you need employees. Depending on the type of cleaning business you start, it may be unnecessary to have many employees or any at all. Hiring 10 employees for a small carpet cleaning business only cuts into your bottom line and hurts your cash flow.

Market your service. Start by contacting friends and family, people around your neighbourhood and former coworkers, and tell them about the cleaning business you're starting.

Factor in costs of inventory. Ordering product and storing it somewhere adds up fast.

Obtain the proper licenses from your state. Each state has different rules, regulations and required licenses for starting a cleaning business. Your city hall will have information on how to obtain these licenses.


Practice great customer service. As with most businesses, customer service goes a long way in the cleaning business and can help you obtain and keep clients.

Things You'll Need

  • Business plan
  • Capital
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