How to Pin Roll Jeans

Updated March 23, 2017

When you want to create a form-fitting cuff, use the pin roll technique. Women pin roll their jeans, creating a mid-calf length for casual occasions. Best performed on jeans with tapered legs, pin roll cuffs form a clean line from your jeans to your legs. The effect resembles form-fitting capri pants.

Put on your jeans. Make sure the pant legs are all the way down your legs. Straighten the jean pant legs so that the seams are straight on both legs.

Stand or sit for the remainder of the process. If you can easily reach the bottom of your trousers legs standing up, do that. If you need to sit down, you can.

Wrap the bottom of each jean leg vertically. Fold evenly along each seam toward the back of the pant leg so that the bottom of your jeans is tight against your leg. Hold the folds in place.

Turn up the bottom of the jean leg, holding the vertical folds in place for the first cuff turn. Fold no more than two or three times to avoid bulky cuffs. Match the cuff rolls in each trousers leg.


Work with the size of the cuffs and with how many times you fold the cuffs to suit your image of how the pin cuff should look.

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