How to find an incoming call to my house

Updated March 23, 2017

Many situations may require you to check your home phone's incoming call history. Maybe you forgot to write down an important phone number, or you have an annoying prank caller waking you up at all hours of the night. Many people have caller ID, which is the best way to see who's calling you, but there are other methods of checking the incoming calls to your house. For example, detailed billing from your provider helps you see callers who are blocking their numbers using the *67 method.

Scroll through your caller ID to see your incoming calls. This is helpful if you have a rough idea of the date and time that you received the call. Most caller ID units will give you the first and last name of the caller, along with the phone number and the time/date information.

Dial *69 if you don't have caller ID. This will give you information on the last incoming call to your house. Depending on what type of phone service you have, dialling this number may result in a small fee. Also, some phone companies will give you the phone number and ask you if you would like to be connected, while others simply dial back the last caller without divulging any contact information.

Ask your service provider for detailed billing. There is usually a fee for this service, but it's helpful when you need to see who's calling your house. Detailed billing shows both outgoing and incoming calls, and includes the phone number, time and date of each call.


Do a reverse lookup to find the name of the person, using or Research business phone numbers by using search engines, such as, or

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