How to tuck your pants in your trousers military style

Some men and women who wear low boots with trousers are embracing a popular military style known as "blousing trousers." In the military, soldiers must blouse their trousers to protect themselves from the possibility of chemical exposure and insects while they are working in the field. Most civilians do not need this protective measure; some people tuck their trousers into their boots in military style because they like how it looks.

Cut two 25 cm (10 inch) lengths of elastic with the scissors. These become blousing bands to secure your trousers.

Dress yourself. Put on your trousers and boots in typical fashion. Allow the hems of your trousers to extend over your boots.

Tuck the hems of your trousers inside your boots at least 5 cm (2 inches).

Pull your trousers back down completely but do not remove them. The wrong side of your trousers should be exposed and the waistband rests at the top of the boots.

Tie one length of elastic tightly around your trousers leg where the wrong side of the trousers folds over the boot. Position the elastic approximately 5 cm (2 inches) below the top of your boot and tie it in a double knot. Repeat this with the second length of elastic on your other leg.

Pull your trousers up again. This technique will blouse your trousers inside your boots and keep them secure, so they won't come untucked.

Things You'll Need

  • Low boots
  • 2 cm (3/8 inch) elastic
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
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