How to Make an Origami Sombrero

Updated February 21, 2017

Origami is using basic paper folds to create a different result than what you originally started out with. Learning how to make origami can be both easy and fun. This can be a creative activity for a children's party, a classroom, or in your leisure time. An Origami sombrero is a great project to start for the novice beginner.

Choose the colour and type of paper you would like to use to make your sombrero. The type of paper you use will determine how easy it will be to fold the paper. Sales papers are usually thin and transparent enough. Construction paper is easy to tear if you press the crease on the corners too hard.

Mark the top of your page with the number one and the bottom of your page with a number two. Typically you would want to use a standard 8 ½ x 11 page, but you can experiment with any kind of paper you have available.

Draw a line across the middle of your paper--along the width of the paper, or the short way as opposed to the long way. Make a fold along the line you drew folding the paper towards you. Pinch your fingers along the crease you made at the fold line.

Write a number three at the centre, on the top of the paper you folded, on the outside. You will do this near the crease you just created. At the bottom of your fold, where the papers are loose, write a number four in the centre.

Fold the corners at the top of the paper. They should meet at the three. It will look like an arrow pointing up or the top of a triangle. Fold the bottom flaps away from each other. The number four should not be visible.

Open up the Origami from the bottom. Right now it should look like a paper hat. Stick a finger through the bottom and flatten the paper. Do not unfold anything. It should look like a square.

Put numbers five on the bottom outside right hand corner, if you have it laid out like a square. Put the number six on the opposite side. Bring both ends of the papers up and away from you. This will cause a crease down the middle of the paper. The five and the six should not be visible to you. At this point you will have another little paper hat.

Stick your finger through the bottom, open it up, and then flatten it. Grab the corners from the side and pull them away from each other. Viola! You have your easy-to-make sombrero hat. You can stick the hat on top of an apple or orange, or anything that needs the look.

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