How to Recover Internet History From Firefox

Updated February 21, 2017

Having the ability to recover Internet history from Firefox can be the difference between finding that website you forgot to bookmark and not finding it. Also, computer-savvy children have been known to delete Firefox's Internet history to keep you from knowing where they have been online. Being able to recover what they have deleted will give you a better chance of knowing just what websites they have been visiting. With the danger of Internet predators, it is important to know what websites are being visited by your children.

Click on the "Start" button.

Click on "All Programs."

Click on "Accessories."

Click on "System Tools."

Click on "System Restore."

Click on the circle next to "Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time."

Click on the date that you want to restore your computer to. This is the date that has the Internet history you are interested in viewing. Click on "Next." Your computer will gather the appropriate information and reboot.

Go to your Firefox browser when your computer comes back on, click on the "History" drop-down menu and select "Show All History." The recovered Internet history will be available.

Go to Mozilla Firefox (see the References section for a link).

Click on the "Add to Firefox" button.

Restart Firefox when indicated to do so.

Go to the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Cache Viewer." This allows you to see all the websites that have been recently visited, even if the Internet history has been deleted.

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