How do I get my queen size mattress upstairs?

A queen size mattress offers a distinct advantage over narrower mattresses--it allows two people to sleep comfortably without crowding. In a pinch, even two adults and a small child can share a queen bed. If your bedroom is upstairs, though, you may find that getting the mattress into your room is an arduous task. Although moving a queen size mattress upstairs is not easy, it can typically be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

Measure the clearance of your staircase. It should be at least 60 inches from the edge of the steps to the ceiling. If it is less than 60 inches, prepare to bend the mattress while lifting it.

Tip the mattress over so it lays on the long side. Place a plastic sheet under the mattress to avoid damaging the mattress or the stairs. Have one person pull the mattress up the stairs backwards while the other person lifts the mattress and pushes it forward. If you are pushing the mattress up a staircase with a low clearance, bend the mattress at the corners to reduce the width of the mattress.

Stand the mattress on the short end when navigating a landing or the top of the stairs. You can bend the mattress to get it through hallways and around corners.

Turn the mattress back on the long end to get it through doorways that are too short to accommodate an upright queen size mattress.


Do not attempt to pull a queen size mattress upstairs by yourself. The weight of the mattress combined with its bulk can cause back, shoulder and leg injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheet
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