How to Record a Song With Virtual DJ

Written by patrick nelson | 13/05/2017
How to Record a Song With Virtual DJ
You can also write it to a compact disc (CD) if you have CD burning capable computer. (cd-r image by matteo NATALE from

Virtual DJ is software for computer-based audio and video mixing and recording. Virtual DJ allows you to mix, and then record, a session to a .WAV or .MP3 file on the computer's hard drive. You can listen to the song in Virtual DJ, or save it and edit your mix with other compatible music software. You can also write your mix directly to a compact disc (CD) if you have a computer equipped with a CD burner and CD burning software.

Click on the record file configuration tab marked "Config" to get to the configuration settings for the file. In the configuration dialogue box select "Auto-Start" which will configure the recording to begin when the first track begins playing. If you don't select the automatic start functionality, then the recording must be manually started via the "Start Recording" button.

Choose the file path. Click on the File Path button--it's the one with the three dots--and choose the file where you'd like to save the recording. Check the "Prompt if Overwrite" button if you'd like to be warned if the file already exits.

Check "Split in Multiple Files" to reduce file size for long mixes. If you don't split the recording into multiple files, the file size can become cumbersome, and difficult to transport--on a CD, for example. When you check "Split in Multiple Files, a "Cut" button will appear next to the "Start Recording" button, which allows you to demarcate, or split, the tracks. Choose "Auto Split on Crossfade" to automatically demarcate on a crossfade.

Select the format---WAV. or MP3. If you select MP3, you will also need to supply a decoder location in the next text box. Choose a bitrate--Virtual DJ recommends 192Kbps for CD-quality.

Click the "OK" button and the recording will start automatically if you have checked the automatic start function. If you haven't, then press "Start Recording" when you are ready to record and "Stop Recording" to end the recording.

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