How to kill mice without hurting your pets

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have a mouse problem, it could be tempting to use poison to eliminate it; however, if you have pets, that's probably not the best idea. Many poisons contain substances that lure pests to eat them, and your pet can be tempted to eat them as well. Rodenticides attack the animal's blood and can cause harm to whomever eats them, regardless of their species, states Therefore, to control your mouse problem, use a method that is safe for your pets.

Place live mouse traps throughout your home, suggests These traps lure the mice into them, then trap them inside. Owners can place vanilla extract on the traps to attract the mice, but oftentimes, the mice will enter the traps voluntarily to seek out shelter, states The traps are void of any harmful substances and do not hurt the mice, but you will need to remove them. Some traps have lights that indicate when a catch has been made. Empty the trap when a mouse is inside, and take the mice a few miles away from your home to prevent its return. These types of traps are too small to catch cats, dog or larger pets in your home.

Place an ultrasonic mouse repellent in your home. Mouse repellents omit noises that are typically annoying to mice and will prevent them from going near your home or certain areas of your home, states Ultrasonic repellents are not harmful in any way and when set up properly, can encourage mice to leave your home. The repellent can also be used in conjunction with the traps or other devices.

Use an electronic zapping device to kill the mice in your home. Similar to a live trap, the device lures the mouse inside. Once the device detects the presence of a mouse, it omits an electronic charge to the mouse that causes its heart to stop. Electronic traps are considered humane, as they eliminate the mouse fast without any suffering, states The devices are small and will not allow cats, dogs or larger animals to enter.

Place glue traps around your home. Covered in a sticky substance, glue traps catch anything that walks on them and keeps it in place. Glue traps are not designed to kill mice--they only catch them. You can remove the mice once they are trapped. If your pet happens to step on a trap, it will not cause harm to them, but you will need to release it from the trap.


Prevent mice from entering your home by filling in any openings around your house. In addition, place mouse repellent around your home to keep the rodents away. Mouse-elimination devices and repellents are typically available at home improvement stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Mouse traps
  • Mouse repellent devices
  • Electronic-elimination devices
  • Glue traps
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