How to Make a Kids' Chicken Mask

Updated February 21, 2017

Your child has come home with the wonderful news that she's been chosen as the star of the kindergarten production of "Henny Penny". After the celebration you realise that you have to pull together a fantastic costume for your little superstar. Start the costume by making a chicken mask for your child. A mask is better than an over the head costume for little ones. With a mask your child can still have room to move around without the hindrance of a big costume. It's an easy craft that you and your child could enjoy together in just an hour.

Use your ruler to measure a rectangle on the yellow foam. The rectangle should be three inches wide and about two inches wider than your child's face. In the centre of the foam, cut two holes so your child can see. Use your child's face as a guide. Place the foam rectangle over your child's face to be sure that she can see clearly through the holes you have cut. With a hole puncher, cut a hole on each of the short ends of the mask.

With your ruler again, draw a large triangle on to the red foam. This will be the chicken's beak. The two long sides should face downward and the short side will face up. With your black permanent marker, outline the edges of the red beak.

Cut out 2 one-inch tear drops from the black foam. Those are the nostrils of the chicken. Place the two teardrops on the chicken's beak. The tear drops should be inverted. The two fat sides of the tear drops should face upwards. Glue them into place on the centre of the beak. Then glue the beak onto the yellow rectangle.

Make the chicken's comb out of red poster board. Start by making a cactus shape with your black permanent marker. The cactus should have three arms, the tallest arm in the centre. Make the comb about three to four inches high. Cut out the cactus with your scissors. Then use the red chenille pipe cleaners and fold them into place. You want to cover the entire comb with the red pipe cleaners. Glue them into place. After the glue dries attach the comb to the top of the mask. Use glue and tape to reinforce it.

Tie two long strands of yellow yarn for the mask. They should be in equal lengths. Tie each strand into the holes you punched earlier. Don't pull the foam, it could tear. Tie the mask on to your child to test it out. Tie at the back of his head.


Add some yellow sequins around the edges of chicken mask for extra sparkle. Just use white glue to stick them on.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sheet of yellow craft foam
  • Sheet of red craft foam
  • Sheet of black craft foam
  • Black permanent marker
  • Red poster board
  • Red glittery chenille pipe cleaners
  • Hole punch
  • Yellow yarn
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Invisible tape
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