How to Tie a Cowboy Knot in a Wild Rag

Updated February 21, 2017

Cowboys remain a symbol of American folklore. One of the most recognisable aspects of a cowboy is his attire, which includes spurred boots, cowboy hat and a wild rag tied in the shape of a triangular bandanna cinched off with a square knot. Tying a wild rag into a cowboy knot can appear confusing, but it is no more complex than any other knot.

Fold one corner of the rag across to its opposite corner, creating a triangular shape.

Hold the crease in the rag against your chest at the base of your neck; the point of the triangle should face down. Wrap each outer point of the triangle behind your neck. One outer point should hang on each side of your neck.

Grip the right loose-end in your palm, and cross it over the left loose-end. Grip the left loose-end between the thumb and index fingers of your left hand. Turn your thumb in so it is closer to your chest.

Wrap the end held in your finger tips around your thumb, through the loop formed by crossing the two ends over each other and back down to your finger tips. Hold it between the thumb and index finger to the right of the section wrapped around your thumb.

Pass the loose end held in your palm behind the sections of rag you began knotting. The right side should be loose.

Weave the loose end over the section of rag held in your finger tips. Pass it through the loop formed in the section wrapped around your thumb.

Pull the loose ends to tighten the box knot.

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