How to Make a Pom-Pom Template

Updated April 25, 2018

You can cut pom-pom templates from any flexible material. "Full round" templates let you tie your pom-poms with a tighter centre. Make templates with different diameters to make larger or smaller pom-poms. Mixing larger and smaller pom-poms allows you to make a variety of crafts and ornaments. Very small pom-poms can become holiday earrings, while extra-large ones can be decorations on a Christmas tree.

Choose a diameter for your pom-poms. Scribe a circle on a plastic cutting sheet or 1/8-inch thick cardboard using a compass.

Scribe a second 3/4-inch diameter circle inside the first one, using the same centre point. Pom-pom maker Sarah Bradberry advises making the centre hole approximately one-quarter the diameter of the finished pom-pom.

Draw a line from the centre point to the outer edge of the larger circle. This will become a cutting line.

Cut around the outer edge of the larger circle.

Cut along the straight line from the outer edge of the circle to the centre point.

Cut along the inner circle to create a flat doughnut shape.

Repeat Steps 1 through 6 to create a second identical doughnut shape. Together, the pair of doughnut shapes are your pom template.


To use your pom-pom template, place the two pieces on top of each other with the straight lines together. Wind yarn around the template. Knitting instructor Virginia Thomas advises winding from the centre to the right, back toward the centre and all the way left, then returning to the centre. Cut all the yarn loops along the outer edge of the template. Cut a piece of yarn twice as long as the diameter of your template to serve as a tie. Wind the tie in between the two pieces of your template, pull tight and knot all the strands of the pom together. Pull the pom from the template and shake it to fluff it.

Things You'll Need

  • Compass
  • Plastic cutting sheets or 1/8-inch thick cardboard
  • Scissors
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