How to Keep Wigs in Place

Updated April 17, 2017

People who suffer from hair loss often wear wigs. Men use toupees to cover balding spots. Women may use wigs for a hair loss issue but also as a fashion accessory. Cancer patients often lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments and rely on wigs to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives. For anyone who wears a wig, it is important to find a way to keep the hair in place. Use a wig cap and cross pins to keep the wig on your head and prevent it from falling off during activity.

Place a wig cap on the top of your head. Stretch the elastic around your head and tuck any loose hair underneath the wig cap.

Place the wig on a table in front of you with the hair side of the wig facing down. Put your thumbs on the front rim of the wig and pick the wig up off of the table.

Place the front of the wig against your forehead and place the wig on your head from front to back. Position the wig on your head so it fits and sits comfortably. Use cross pins to pin the rim of the wig to the wig cap on both the front and back of your wig. This will keep the wig from slipping off of your head.

Things You'll Need

  • Cross pins
  • Wig
  • Wig cap
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