How to build a simple wall gun rack

Updated February 21, 2017

The purpose of a wall gun rack is to provide easy and secure access to your guns. Gun racks can hold anywhere from four to 20 guns, vertically or horizontally. Although there are many kinds of wall gun racks available in stores, it will cost much less to build your own. A simple design requires very few materials, a few dollars and can be assembled in less than an hour.

Drill 12 3/8-inch holes in the 2-by-2-inch board, starting 1/2 inch from one end and spacing them 2 inches apart.

Glue a dowel into each hole so that only 4 inches of the dowel is visible.

Screw the 1-by-1-inch board to the 1-by-6-inch board with both boards parallel, and the 1-by-1-inch board flush with the edge of the 6-inch board. The 1-by-1-inch board will be screwed to the wall to hold the 6-inch board perpendicular to the wall.

Locate the desired spot for your rack and use a level to position the 2-by-2 with dowels and the 1-by-6 shelf. The shelf will be on the bottom, and the dowels should be perpendicular to the wall and no more than 3 feet from the shelf. Screw each piece to the wall using four screws for each section.


Always keep guns locked up and away from children.

Things You'll Need

  • Oak board, 2-by-2-by-24 inch
  • Drill or screw gun
  • 3/8-inch drill bit
  • 6-inch oak dowels, 3/8-inch diameter (12)
  • Wood glue
  • Oak board, 1-by-1-by-24 inch
  • Oak board, 1-by-6-by-24 inch
  • 3-inch wood screws (8)
  • Level
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