How to pour a concrete lamp post base

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Lamp posts can be a good addition to your yard. They are decorative and they provide safety during dark nights. In order to install a permanent lamp post, you will need to place the post in a hole and fill the hole with concrete. You can find the tools for this task at your local home improvement store. The whole procedure of installing lamp posts makes a great weekend project and the end result is very useful and satisfying.

Dig a hole with a posthole digger. The hole needs to be 30 inches deep. Measure the circumference of your lamp post and add 1 foot to that number. This should be the circumference of your hole. An uncovered lamp post refers to the post without the lamp attachment. The greater the height of the uncovered post, the wider and deeper the excavation needs to be. The hole should be around 2 to 3 inches in diameter around the post.

Shovel gravel into the bottom six inches of the hole. The gravel will help water drain from the lamp post. This will prevent rotting of the post.

Dig a channel that connects directly to the hole you dug. Place a 24-inch long piece of plastic pipe into this small trench. This is where the wire inlet that will power the lamp will be placed.

Position the lamp post into the dug out area. The lamp post should be level. Pour another inch of gravel around the post to keep it steady while you prepare the concrete.

Prepare the concrete by following the manufacturer's directions. Many quick concrete mixes tell you to first pour the dry concrete into the hole and then add in water. Mix the concrete with your shovel.

Wait for the cement to dry. Check periodically that the post is drying evenly by using the level. Place the level horizontally on the top of the cement. The air bubble that floats in the liquid inside of the level should be centred. The lamp post will usually be ready for use in less than 24 hours.

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