How to Wire Driving Lights Into High Beam

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Driving lights can increase your night-time driving safety. If your car is not equipped with driving lights it is quite an easy process to add them yourself. This article will explain how to wire driving lights to come on when your high beam headlights are on.

Turn the car headlights on high beam.

Locate the connector attached to the back of one of the car headlights.

Use a test light to locate the powered wire at the headlight connector. This will be the high beam power wire.

Disconnect the car battery.


Use a Scotchlok connector and tap into the high beam headlight power wire using 16 gauge wire


Mount the relay using a self tapping sheet metal screw. The best location for the relay will be near the battery.

Mount the driving lights using the bracket that is supplied with the lights.


Connect the 16 gauge wire from the Scotchlok connector to terminal 85 on the relay using an insulated solderless connector.

Install a ring type solderless connector on one pigtail of the inline fuse holder. Attach the ring connector to the positive terminal of the battery. Put the 10 amp fuse in the fuse holder.

Join the other pigtail of the inline fuse holder to a length of 14 gauge wire long enough to reach the relay. Attach this to terminal 30 on the relay.

Attach an insulated female connector to each end of a 14 gauge wire of sufficient length to connect to the driving lights. Connect this wire to terminal 86 and both driving lights.

Ground terminal 87 of the relay using a piece of 16 gauge wire rigged with an insulated female solderless connector and a ring terminal. Attach the ringed connector to the screw used to mount the relay.

Reconnect the car battery.

Test by turning the headlights on and switching from high to low beam headlights.

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