How to Engrave With a Dremel

Updated February 21, 2017

A Dremel engraver equipped with a carbide tip lets you leave your mark on almost any surface. Dremel engravers have an ergonomic design so they rest comfortably as the hand is in a natural writing position. The Dremel engraving tool has adjustable speeds to engrave softer surfaces like plastics without causing heat damage. Personalise a piece of jewellery or add your initials to the belongings you want to protect with a powerful Dremel engraver.

Turn the sleeve around the chuck counterclockwise until it is all the way open and insert the carbide point. The diamond tipped point can be substituted in the Dremel for deep engraving of hard metals and stone.

Pull the engraving point back out about a quarter inch before spinning the sleeve to tighten the chuck securely around the accessory bit.

Secure the item you will be engraving in a vice or with clamps. Cover the edges of softer items with a cloth to avoid leaving marks with the vice.

Plug in the Dremel engraver and set the speed of the stroke on the dial. One and two are for soft items and drawing thin lines, three and four are for medium hardness and medium thickness lines and five and six are the highest stroke speeds saved for hard metals, stone and glass. Engraving lubricants keep the tip and surface cool and remove tiny chips from the engraving site.

Grip the Dremel so the weight of the engraver is resiting between the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand. Lower the tip onto the surface and apply steady pressure as you move across the surface. Turn the stroke speed up slightly if the tip begins to bounce on the engraved surface.


Try using an engraving template for a uniform look to engraved letters and numbers.


Never leave a Dremel engraver plugged in and unattended.

Things You'll Need

  • Carbide point #9924
  • Diamond point #9929 (optional)
  • Vice or clamps
  • Cloth
  • Electrical socket
  • Engraving lubricant (optional)
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