How to decorate candles for a baptism

Updated February 21, 2017

Amid the Catholic and Christian faith, candles abound in religious ceremonies as more than simply decorative forms of lighting, acting instead as important symbols. For example, during the sacrament of baptism, the entrance of an adult or child as member of the church, candles are present for the ceremony as a clear and distinct symbol. According to the official website of orthodox education, "Three candles are lit before the baptismal font as a sign that the Baptism is accomplished in the Name of the Holy Trinity." There are no rules for decorating a Baptismal candle, rather definite guidelines to follow.

Stick gold or silver letter stickers on each candle and spell out the name of the person who will receive Baptism. If the name is extremely long, you can just use the first, middle and last initial. Add number stickers to connote the date.

Wrap a yard of white ribbon 1 inch wide around the very bottom of the candle. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the candle, working your way upwards until you have used up all the ribbon. Tuck the last inch of ribbon into the ribbon that is already wrapped around the candle. This band of ribbon will give the candle a satin finish.

Wrap 1 foot of any kind of white lace 1 inch wide around each candle over the satin ribbon, to give another layer of dimension. Tie the lace in bow.

Tie a simple garland of rosettes around the base of the candle. Pastel colours are best as they won't risk looking garish in church.

Stick on gold stickers of cherubs anywhere you'd like on the candle. Alternatively you can string on gold cherub charms to the lace bow.


If the person who is receiving baptism is an adult, you might want to replace the cherub stickers with simply angel stickers and the rosettes with a single short-stemmed white rose, stuck in between the pieces of ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • White candle
  • Gold or silver letter stickers
  • Gold or silver number stickers
  • 1 yard white ribbon
  • 1 foot lace
  • Garland of pastel rosettes
  • Cherub stickers or charms
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