How to Connect a Bluetooth to an HTC Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Connecting a Bluetooth device to your HTC phone is easy, thanks to the utilities offered in Windows Mobile. Bluetooth devices make hands-free communications simple, as once a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone is paired to an HTC phone, they will remain paired whenever they are within range of each other and both devices are powered on. Using Bluetooth on your HTC phone also makes driving safer, as you can keep both hands on the steering wheel while still being able to take phone calls.

Turn on your headset. Make sure the Bluetooth device is fully charged before attempting to pair. Press the power button on your Bluetooth device to turn it on.

Open the Bluetooth settings menu. On your Windows Mobile-based HTC phone, Bluetooth settings are found under the "Start" menu. Open the "Settings" folder, then the "Connections" folder, followed by "Bluetooth." On an Android phone, Bluetooth settings are found under "Wireless Controls." This can be accessed by pressing the "Menu" key and touching "Settings." Touch the Bluetooth logo to turn on the Bluetooth radio (HTC Mobile Phone Support: HTC Magic).

Add a new device. Highlight the "Add a new device..." option and press the centre or "OK" button on your HTC phone. If the HTC device has a touch screen, click on the "Add a new device..." text.

Complete the pairing process. Your HTC Windows Mobile phone will search for Bluetooth devices that are within range of communicating with the phone. When you see the name of your Bluetooth device appear on the screen, press "Next." If you are pairing a headset to the Windows Mobile device, no passcode number is needed to complete pairing. At this point, the pairing process is complete. However, if your device is not a headset, continue to Step 5.

Enter the Bluetooth device passcode. The passcode can be found in the device owner's manual. If you are connecting to a Bluetooth system in a car, the necessary passcode may be displayed on the radio screen or read aloud over the car radio. Once the passcode is entered, click "Next." If the passcode is accepted, press "Done." The pairing process between your HTC phone and a Bluetooth device is complete.


These instructions are applicable to any HTC phone. However, depending on the version of Windows Mobile or Android on your phone, the menu and option names will vary slightly. The terminology in this guide in based on Windows Mobile 6, the current release as of April 2010.

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