How to Make Your Own Football Cards Online

Updated November 21, 2016

There are many tools for making your own football cards on the Web, but they vary greatly in quality. The cost depends on whether you want to have physical cards or just images to share online. But with a little work, you can learn how to prepare a photo for a football card and hunt out the best services.

Gather the photos you want use. If you haven't scanned them in from your camera or the physical prints yet, do so. If you're making multiple cards, be sure to name the files so it will be easy to match photos with names, positions, stats, etc.

Re-size the photos. In your image editing software, open each file and find the option to set the image size. If you are going to print these football cards, set the resolution to 300 dpi (dots per inch) and the dimensions to as close to 3 inches by 5 inches as possible. If you are sharing these online only, set the resolution to 72 dpi and the dimensions to approximately 300 pixels by 500 pixels.

Save the photo images. Select "Save As" in your image editing software so you can control the type of file. Save all images as JPG. If your software gives you the option to choose a quality for the JPG, select the best quality you can without making the files larger than 5 MB. (If you set 72 dpi in the step above, most images should end up well under 1 MB, even at top quality.)

Upload your files to a card-making site. For cards you will print out, try For ones you will share electronically, try

Select your design. Both sites allow you to choose colours, frames and other design elements.

Add your text. Both sites will prompt you to enter the name, team and position of the player. also has an option for stats or other information on the back of the card.

Double-check the result. Make sure that the picture is framed nicely and that there are no typos on the card. will now give you an option to order the prints at approximately 60p per card, depending on quantity and other options. The digital football cards at are free of charge, but be sure to save the link to the image, because the site does not store them permanently.

Things You'll Need

  • Photos of the people you want in cards scanned into your computer.
  • Photo editing software (basic software will serve, as long as you can change file size and type with it)
  • Internet connection
  • Information (name spelling, team name, position) about the people appearing in your cards
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