How to Get Rid of Moths in Wardrobes

Moths can do a lot of damage to your clothing when left unattended. In fact, if an infestation takes hold, moths will destroy your clothing. The key to getting rid of moths in your wardrobe is making it undesirable to them. Fortunately, as much as moths may like your cloths, they dislike certain things even more. From extermination to prevention, it is essential to get rid of moths the right way, and fast.

Take all the clothing and textiles out of your closet. Wash the clothing in hot water if possible. The hot water will help kill any eggs or larvae on the items you are washing.

Wipe the inside and outside of the wardrobe down with a citrus-scented cleaner. Moths, like most insects, are naturally repelled by the scent of citrus.

Place an infuser, air freshener or container with either cedar, lavender or orange peel essential oil in the bottom of the wardrobe. These scents repel moths; plus, they can help offset the undesirable scent and harmful fumes omitted by the moth balls and crystals.


Moth balls and crystals are poisonous to animals and small children. They should only be used in an enclosed space away from both humans and animals

Things You'll Need

  • Detergent
  • Citrus-scented cleaner
  • Lavender
  • Orange peel
  • Cedar
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