How to Remove 2 CDs Stuck Inside a Single CD Player

Updated March 29, 2017

When your home CD player isn't working, a common cause is that two CDs are stuck inside the drive tray. When the CDs become jammed in the player, the player becomes useless and will not open or play CDs. You can often solve the problem easily.

Tap the player gently with the palm of your hand while pressing the eject button. Tap on the top or side of the CD player for the best results.

Look for an emergency release button on the CD player. It will be a small, pin-sized hole on the outside of the drive tray. Insert the end of a paper clip into the hole to press a small button on the inside of the hole. This should activate the emergency release and open the CD tray.

Insert a credit card halfway through the CD slot above the stuck CDs. Wiggle the credit card around while pressing the eject button. Sometimes the friction caused by inserting the credit card will cause the CDs to eject.


If you cannot fix the problem yourself, check to see if your CD player is still under warranty. Read the warranty to see if it covers the problem you are experiencing.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper clip
  • Credit card
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