How to plan a 21st birthday party

Updated April 17, 2017

You've been waiting for your 21st birthday ever since you turned 18. If your special day is right around the corner, you'll want to start arranging your 21st birthday party. Before you start making plans to throw a gigantic bash out of town or spend hundreds of pounds, you need to take several factors into consideration. Carefully planning your party can save you money and ensure that your 21st birthday is an excellent occasion.

Make a budget. Even though your 21st birthday party should be a special event, you shouldn't push financial obligations aside to pay for your party. Make a list of things you'll need for your party such as a venue, drinks, and food. Write down how much money you are willing to spend on each aspect of your party. If your parents are planning on contributing money to your 21st birthday bash, consider that amount during planning.

Pick a party location. Most night clubs have party rooms available for rent, so speak to the manager at highly recommended clubs in your area to see how much renting a room will cost. If you are short on funds for the party venue, ask your family or a friend if you can host the party in their home.

Select party decorations. If your birthday is close to a holiday, host a themed party. For example, throw a Valentine's Day inspired party if your birthday is in February or a costume party if your special day is in October. Party decor can be purchased at local and Internet party stores. In addition, check thrift shops as you can often find fun decorations at extremely low costs.

Invite your friends. You can send out formal invitations or tell them online or in person. If you're hosting your 21st birthday party in a house, make a list of entertainment options. Ask a friend to DJ for you or start downloading songs on your mp3 player for party music. Rent a karaoke machine for a fun party game.

Order a cake large enough to feed all of your guests from your favourite bakery. Purchase snack foods like chicken fingers and vegetable sticks. Stock up on soft drinks and water for your guests. Since you're 21, you can also buy alcoholic beverages. If some of your guests are underage, remember to mark their hands at the door so you'll avoid serving them alcohol.

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