How to Delete the History on a Laptop

Updated July 20, 2017

The mobile nature of laptops make them far greater targets of theft and misuse. Deleting both your Internet and computer history can keep an unfortunate situation from becoming more serious. Thieves cannot use the information about what websites and documents you use for identity theft if the information is not there.

Open Internet Explorer and click on the "Tools" button.

In Internet Explorer 6, click "Options" then click on "Internet Options." In "Internet Options" click on the "Delete Files" or "Delete" button.

In Internet Explorer 7 and 8, click "Delete Browsing History".

Open Firefox and click on "Tools" and then "Options".

Click on the "Privacy" icon to bring up Privacy Settings.

Click "Clear Browsing History Now" to clear your history.

Open Chrome and click on the wrench icon on the upper-right side and choose "Options."

Click on the "Under the Hood" tab.

Click "Clear Browsing Data" to clear your history, cookies and saved passwords.

Right-click "Start" and choose "Properties"

Click "Customize" and then click the "Advanced" tab.

Choose "Clear List" under the "Recent Documents" header and then click "OK." Click "OK" again on the next screen.

Click "Start."

With a standard start menu, right click "Recent Items" and click "Clear Recent Items List."

For the Classic Start Menu, choose "Settings" and "Taskbar and Start Menu." Then choose the "Start Menu" tab and click "Customize." Finally, click the "Clear" button and then "OK" at the bottom of the window.


Many of these functions can be performed quickly by a third-party software. CCleaner is free software that can clear out your browsing history, remove items from your documents listing and clear up minor registry issues.

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