How to make origami paper shoes

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
How to make origami paper shoes
You can make an array of origami shoes as bright as the ones you see here. (Shoes image by vertellis from

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, allows you to create a limitless array of creatures great and small. While many think origami is simply limited to creating flowers, trees, vases, boats, birds and other animals, you can actually utilise origami to create a pair of miniature high-heeled shoes. These shoes are a perfect trinket for a shoe-lover or to use as a decorative feature on a present or gift bag. You can make a whole closet full of different shoes just by using a variety of origami paper.

Fold the paper in half, making a diagonal crease through the centre. Unfold it.

Fold the paper diagonally again so that you have an "x" shape of creases going through the middle of your square. Unfold your square.

Fold the bottom right corner up to the centre diagonal crease.

Fold the top left corner down to the centre diagonal crease. You now have what looks like an upside-down kite with the narrow end on top and the wider end on the bottom.

Fold the right hand corner of your kite to the centre line. Repeat with the left hand corner. You now have a skinnier diamond.

Fold the top portion of the right-corner that you just folded up, downwards, making a small flap. Repeat with the left side.

Turn the structure over and fold the bottom point of your diamond 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) inward. This will be the toe of your shoe.

Turn the structure over again and fold it in half vertically. You now have half a diamond.

Turn your diamond so that it lies diagonally in front of you, with the crease at the top. Fold the end point of your half diamond down towards you. Unfold it.

Push the middle crease that runs through the end point of your diamond inward. This will cause the end point to point exactly straight down. Once it does this, crease that middle fold into place. This is the heel of your shoe.

Fold a tiny portion of the heel of your shoe inward so that your shoe doesn't have a spiked heel. Alternatively, you can leave the heel spiked, if you like.

Things you need

  • 15 cm (6 inch) origami paper

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