How to Find Out Who Owns a Specific Website

Updated July 20, 2017

Thousands of websites exist on the Internet and behind everyone is an individual who bought the domain name and put up a webpage. Finding out who owns a specific page can be done by using free tools on the Internet. Contacting the correct person to purchase a domain name, buy an online business or report an issue can be accomplished using the tools.

Using your web browser, navigate to the WHOIS website located at:

Type the full address of the website you wish to inquire about in the "Enter a domain name to look up" field. Click "Lookup" to begin your search.

Scroll down the page and locate the item titled "Server Response." Listed will be the name and contact of the individual who owns the website you searched for.

In some instances, you may have to go the website they registered with to receive the contact information. Copy the web address located under "For complete domain details go to:" and paste it into your browser's address box.

Search the page for the contact information of site's owner.


Individual's purchasing a domain name have the option to keep their contact information private for a nominal fee. If they have elected to do so, there website will be registered under a Public Domain company.

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