How to Create Territory Sales Maps

Updated February 21, 2017

Many businesses are driven by sales. If a company can not effectively sell its products to other consumers or businesses, it will likely go out of business very quickly. Sales representatives become the face of the company when they are out talking to potential clients. Utilising these reps effectively is vital to maximise sales and territory sales maps are an efficient way of doing this. Territory maps allow employees to keep track of who is working where and what areas still need to be targeted. Constructing a territory sales map is simple.

Using a detailed road map, divide the total size of the sales area by the number of sales agents you have working that territory.

Use highlighter markers to divide your sales area into sections of approximately equal size. Areas that are less populated could be made larger than heavily populated areas in order to even out the potential for sales in each territory.

Draw lines separating the territories along main roads when possible to make it easier for agents to follow.

Assign each individual territory a number so you can easily assign areas.

Use different highlighters to keep track of which portions of each territory have been travelled. You can colour code those areas as well to keep track of how sales are in each individual section of each territory.


There are some computer programs that allow you to map out territories online or on your hard drive if you don't want to draw it manually.

Things You'll Need

  • Road maps
  • Highlighter markers
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