How to Log in to My Work Email From Home

Updated April 17, 2017

In the 21st century, the line between work and home has become increasingly blurry. Full-time workers squeeze errands and appointments into lunch hours. Frequently, employees take work home, making access to work e-mail from home desirable and often necessary. There are a variety of methods to access work e-mail remotely, but all should be cleared with your company's information technology department, which will most likely need to assist you with obtaining access.

Contact your information technology (IT) department and your immediate supervisor to be sure that they have the technology to support remote access and that your manager approves.

Your company may allow you to access e-mail via the web. Contact your IT department for approval and access specifics. The webmail address for Microsoft Outlook is normally something like: http://email.yourcompany/exchange/. You will need your work login and password for access. You will most likely only have access to your inbox and sent messages, calendar and contacts, but not your saved files.

GoToMyPC is a software program that will allow you to connect remotely with your work computer. Download the program to your work computer, leave the computer on and connected to the Internet. You can now log into from any computer, allowing you to work as if you were logged into your work computer. This access must be authorised by your IT department.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is another way to access your e-mail remotely. This option will appear to mirror the applications you have on your work PC and is the most secure of the options. VPN will definitely require corporate level installation, but if your company uses this application, a software product like Citrix Access Gateway can provide secure remote access for users.

Remotely accessing your company computer requires that you are especially digilent to keep your home computer free of viruses and spam. Be sure that your virus scanning and firewall software is up to date on your home computer to avoid introducing viruses into your corporate network.

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