How to Convert a Garage Into a Workout Room

Updated July 20, 2017

If you want to get into shape, two of the biggest problems are the having proper equipment and getting it to fit in a room. Instead of attending a gym or crowding a living area, you can convert a garage into a workout area.

Clean out the garage. Space is very important when working out, so find a section that you no longer need or use and clear it out. Depending on the type of workout room you want you may want to clear up to 100 square feet.

Lay down flooring. Carpet or rubber mats are very important to avoid slippage and provide protection for the concrete. Rubber mats work the best, but some old carpet will work. Also put it down in sections where there is a lot of traffic or a lot of weight is going to rest.

Design the layout. Make sure you know where you want everything to go first, including some sort of entertainment. An old radio or television will work best to provide a distraction.

Ensure a comfortable environment. Fans, heaters and even sunlight are very important. No one wants to work out in a dreary, hot room or a cold, dark one in the winter. A comfortable temperature in the room will help with motivation.

Place the workout equipment. This may involve heavy lifting and might require the help of friends. Space will be your biggest problem, so get creative but don't overcrowd the room. Treadmills and other aerobic machines can often be moved before and after a workout, whereas a lifting bench will probably need to be secured to the ground. This means any heavy weights will need to be central, but the movable equipment can be stowed between workouts.

Keep the room organised. A lot of can be done with very little space if that space is properly organised and cleaned. Pick up weights and put away equipment when not in use.


Staying motivated is the biggest problem in any workout. A workout room at home can help, but there are other things that you can do. Keep the room well-lit, and having a watercooler at hand can be very useful. Make sure that you add variety to the workout. Keeping around several types of machines and equipment can do wonders for your motivation.


Be careful: Working out at home can be dangerous, especially if you are working out with heavy weights. If you are working out alone have a phone readily accessible at all times for emergencies.

Things You'll Need

  • A garage
  • Various workout equipment (whatever you want that will fit)
  • Floor mats or rugs
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