Hair Treatment with a Sulfur & Olive Oil Mix

Updated April 11, 2018

Organic sulphur, or methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is a naturally occurring mineral in the human body. Sulphur is a component of your hair's keratin protein. Keratin's structure is composed of sulphur-sulphur bonds called disulfide bonds, which give hair its strength and elasticity, according to the Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center. MSM can be taken as an oral supplement or applied topically to the scalp and it is believed to promote healthy hair growth, although scientific data has yet to back this claim. You can mix MSM powder with olive oil to create a scalp and deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

Measure 1 tbsp of MSM powder and add it to the plastic bottle using the funnel.

Pour olive oil into the bottle, also using the funnel, until it reaches the top.

Shake the mixture in the bottle for one minute until the MSM has fully dissolved in the oil. Organic sulphur is water soluble, but will dissolve into oil easily.

Apply the sulphur and olive oil mix to your scalp and work through the length of your hair. Depending on the amount of hair you have, you may not need to use the entire bottle.

Wrap the saturated hair in a towel or cover it with a shower cap and wait 30 minutes.

Rinse and wash hair as usual to remove all oil residues. Style as usual.


Purchase organic sulphur (MSM) online, at a health food store, or at your pharmacy in powder form. Purchase pure olive oil from health food stores or grocery stores. You can add a few drops of essential oils, such as rosemary or peppermint, for fragrance. Olive oil as a carrier oil is beneficial for the hair and scalp because it contains fatty acids and vitamin E. To optimise conditioning, heat the towel with hot water before wrapping it around your hair or use a hair dryer to heat the shower cap over your hair. Repeat the conditioning treatment weekly. You may store the mixture at room temperature in the sealed bottle, according to New Horizons.


Read the label on your bottle of MSM sulphur powder for any possible side effects.

Things You'll Need

  • Organic sulphur (MSM) powder
  • Empty 236ml. plastic bottle with nozzle cap
  • Funnel
  • Tablespoon
  • Pure olive oil
  • Towel or shower cap
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