How to find pictures stored on your computer off the internet

Updated March 23, 2017

You can find pictures and Internet content stored in your computer, regardless of the operating system or browser you use. The options include locating and viewing specific folders where Internet images are generally stored and downloaded, as well as performing a global search for images and graphics through your system.

Launch your web browser. For Explorer, go to the ''Tools'' menu, select ''Internet Options''. Select the ''General'' tab from the opening window. Click on ''Settings'' under the ''Temporary Internet Files'' or ''Browsing History'' section. Select ''View Files'' in the pop-up window.

For Mozilla Firefox, go to the ''History'' menu and select ''View History'' or ''Show all History.''

Locate the Temporary Internet Files folder through an explorer window. Click on ''My Computer'' or ''Computer,'' click on your hard drive (generally ''C:\''). Expand the ''Windows'' folder, double-click on ''Temp'' folder and open the ''Temporary Internet Files'' folder and view its contents.

Find pictures from the Internet on the ''Cache'' folders. For Windows follow the next directory example: Documents and Settings \ [username] \ local settings \ application data \ mozilla \ firefox \ profiles \ [default file name ] \ Cache

For Macs, find these items in the Cache folder for any web browser. Open a Finder window. Go through the following example directory to find pictures from the Internet:

[Username]/ Library / Caches / Firefox / Profiles / [default file folder] / Cache.

For both operating systems, scroll through the files. You will find text and image files. Delete if necessary by selecting, right-clicking and choosing ''Delete''

If you have a designated Downloads folder, locate it and view its contents. Locate it by doing a system search for ''Folders'' with name ''Downloads''.

If necessary, launch your web browser. Go to ''Preferences...''.

In the General or Main tab look for the directory in which your download files are being saved to. Usually is under ''Users / [username] / Downloads

For Windows, click on the Start Menu, and select ''Search.' Click on ''Pictures, Music or video.'' Click on the check box that corresponds to ''Pictures and Photos.'' Leave the search field blank and press the ''Search'' button. All pictures stored in you computer will display.

Select the 'thumbnail' view under Viewing Options. Scroll and view the results to find the Internet pictures you are looking for. Sort by name, date or source to find the pictures you need.

Delete selected pictures by right-clicking on each and choosing ''delete,\" if necessary.

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