How to Make a Wader Rack

Updated July 19, 2017

Waders have an odd shape and consistency that makes them difficult to store neatly. They simply slump in a pile if you set them on a mat with other footwear. Building a wader rack is a simple way to store your waders neatly and also promotes boot drying, which is an essential part of wader usage. You can build a wader rack to accommodate one pair or several pairs of boots, often with materials lying around your garage.

Obtain a piece of 3/8-inch or thicker plywood. It should be at least 12 inches deep and roughly 12 inches long to mount one pair of waders. For each additional pair of waders, add about a foot of length to the plywood.

Mark a point along the edge of the board 2 inches from one end with a pencil. Slide down 3 inches and mark another point along the edge.

Measure in 6 inches from the marked edge. Draw a line from end to end at 6 inches.

Cut out the 3-inch space between the first two points inward to the 6-inch line with a coping saw or bandsaw. Leave the innermost area rounded because it's easier to cut that way and the front of your wader ankle is rounded anyway.

Slide down the length of the board two inches and repeat the process, cutting a slot for the other boot. Be sure to leave the two inches of wood between the slots to hold the boots.

Cut a 2x4 the same length as the plywood with a bandsaw.

Stand the 2x4 on its edge. Place the non-slotted edge of the plywood flush with the outer face of the 2x4 and screw together with a screw gun.

Screw the face of the 2x4 to a wall high enough so the waders won't reach the floor.

Slide the boots into the slots toe-first.


These guidelines are for an average-sized men's boot (Size 10). You may have to widen and deepen the dimensions for a larger boot and make the boot slots narrower for a child's boot. Leave a 2-inch space in between each pair of boots when designing a rack for multiple pairs of waders.

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