How to convert ECM files into an ISO file

Updated February 21, 2017

Similar to the ISO file, ECM files are images of physical disks. ECM, which stands for Error Code Modeler, is often used as a way to report problems in a Windows operating system environment. Opening an ECM file can be difficult, as there is not a native program that can read the file. Converting the ECM file to the ISO format will make it much more accepted by many different programs.

Download Imgburn and install it. Open the program after the installation has completed.

Click "Create image file from files/folders" and the Imgburn menu will appear. Drag your ECM file into the open Imgburn window and it will automatically load into the program.

Click the "Destination" icon and choose the location where you want to save the new ISO file. Click the green arrow to start the conversion process.

Download and install Nero. Open Nero after the installation completes.

Click "Data Burning" when the Nero menu appears, then click the "Destination Drive" drop-down menu. Click "Image Recorder" and choose the "Browse" button to select a location to save the ISO file.

Drag the ECM file into the Nero window and it will be loaded into the program. Click the "Burn" button, and your ECM file will be converted to an ISO.

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