Power Twister Workouts

Written by melanie fleury | 13/05/2017
Power Twister Workouts
The Power Bar is one way to work out your upper body. (muscles image by Inhumane Productions from Fotolia.com)

The Power Twister is an exercise bar that uses tension to help work out your upper body. The Power Twister can be effective in working your chest, shoulders, and biceps even more so than push-ups, presses, and curls. The Power Twister is also easy to use, and workouts can be created with easy-to-learn movements.

Power Twister Pulls

Power Twister pulls are a standard workout that can be done with your Power Twister. Grab the Power Twister with palms out and arms hanging down at your sides. Pull the ends of the bar up towards your upper body so that it bends into a U shape. Complete this exercise 10-12 times. Another variation is to hold the bar with palms facing down and your forearms at a 90-degree angle to your body. Pull down into a U shape and repeat 10-12 times. Finally, grab the bar over your head and bend down into a U shape. Repeat 10-12 times.

Biceps Workout

Biceps exercises are easy and effective with the Power Twister. Hold the Power Twister across your chest with elbows bent back. Slowly bring hands together, squeezing the bar into a U shape in front of you and then release. This will work the chest and biceps. If you want to isolate just the biceps, then bend the Power Twister out and down at the same time. For the biceps, a set is considered a 10-20 repetitions.

Back Exercises

The muscles of the back can be trained using the Power Twister. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the Power Twister with either hand. Hold it out in front of your body with your elbows locked in place. Pinch your shoulder blades together and them try to bend the Power Twister towards you into a U shape while still keeping it at chest level and horizontal. Four to eight sets of this are very effective. Each set is considered eight to 10 repetitions.

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