How to Become a Rep for NuSkin

Updated February 21, 2017

With traditional jobs vaporising, more people are looking into non-traditional ways to earn a living. Nu Skin is a large skin care company offering representatives a chance to earn as much as they want in commissions. With offices throughout the U.S., Africa, Europe and Asia, Nu Skin is the premier anti-ageing direct-selling company. According to a Nu Skin Financial Report, the company paid out £1.0 billion in commissions to distributors in 2009. Nu Skin has created more millionaires than any company in history. Here's what you need to do to sign up as a Nu Skin sales rep.

Attend a Nu Skin showcase. According to sales support representative Brittany Russo, the best way to immerse yourself in the Nu Skin opportunity is to attend a Nu Skin showcase in your area. You'll sample skin care products like Nu Skin's galvanic spa treatment. "At, you can click on the People button at the top of the page. Click on Upcoming Events on the menu and you can search for a showcase in your area." If there is no showcase in your area, Russo advises calling Nu Skin's toll-free number, 800-487-1000.

Call Nu Skin's toll-free number. You'll be connected with a sales representative who can help you determine the best program for you. Even though there is an online application on, you'll need a sponsoring distributor ID to complete the application. Nu Skin is an MLM, or Multi-Level-Marketing company. According to, MLM is a business system where businesspeople receive commission from their sales and sales of those they sign up as distributors. If you do not have an ID because there is no representative in your area for you to sign up under, your online application will not process. Because Nu Skin is set up as an MLM, a sponsoring distributor ID number is required on Nu Skin's online application. If you have not attended a Nu Skin showcase and want to sign up online, Russo says it's best to call the toll-free number first so the sales support representative can provide you with a sponsoring distributor ID.

Determine the best program for you. Russo says there are two basic ways Nu Skin representatives can become distributors. You can sign up under the Automatic Delivery Rewards program (ADR) or the Business Builder Package program (BBP). Under the ADR program, you'll receive regular deliveries of Nu Skin products. In order to earn commissions, you'll need to order a minimum of £65 per delivery. Russo recommends the Business Builder Package program for people who are serious about building a successful business. It has training materials as well as product samples and skin care products. The cost is £971.

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