How to Find Deleted Browser History

Updated March 29, 2017

Anytime you visit a website, the web address gets stored in your browser history. Whether you are looking for a specific web page that you visited or you are trying to snoop on others in your home, it can be useful to know how to find your deleted browser history. Many people are mistaken in thinking that once you delete your browser history, it is gone forever. This is simply not true. Though it can be a little bit technical, you can retrieve the browser history on your computer in a few easy steps.

View the contents of the C drive of your computer. To do this, click on your menu bar and then on "computer" or "my computer". Then Click on the C drive. You will now be able to view a list of all of the files that are stored on that drive.

Browse through your C drive until you spot a file named "index.dat". These files store computer usage data, such as browsing history or recently opened files. When you delete your browser history inside your Internet browser, your index.dat files remain in tact. Because index.dat is not a simple text file, you will not be able to read it on your own.

Download an "index.dat" reader. Scan any reader that you download with a virus check to make sure that it is not infected before you open it. Once you have downloaded an index.dat reader and have determined that it does not contain a virus, go ahead and follow the instructions to install it onto your computer.

Start your index.dat reader program and allow it to locate your deleted browser history. You will then be presented with a text file of your browser history that you can easily read.


Never open any downloaded file before first running a virus scan on the file.

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