How to Make Your Own Certificate for Training Your Employee

Updated April 17, 2017

Every business owner wants to be able to cut expenses wherever possible. One way to save your company some money is to learn how to make your own certificates to recognise when employees have completed a training program. Training certificates are not difficult to create on your own. You can find easy-to-use templates for use with commonly used software applications or PDF copies of certificates on the Internet, allowing you to make professional-looking certificates quickly and easily.

Find a template that suits your purpose. A variety of templates are available right on the web that you can download and use to design training certificates. Simply search for a template that suits your needs and follow the instructions to download the certificate into PowerPoint. You will need to be connected to the Internet to download the available templates; in some cases, you must accept a user license agreement.

Change the text on the certificate template that you have downloaded. Change the generic organisation name, add the correct date and employee's name, and enter the name of the training session that the employee has completed

Add an electronic signature to the training certificate so it will have an official look to it. To add an electronic signature, have the company official whose name will appear on the certificate simply sign his name on a blank sheet of paper. Scan the signature into your computer and save it as a JPEG file in a location that is easy to find. You can then insert the JPEG as a graphic in your certificate.

Proof the certificate for accuracy and then print it on heavy bond paper.

Open a blank Word document and change the print orientation to landscape.

Add your own borders and then insert a text box that provides the employee's name, course name and course completion date. Add a line at the bottom for an electronic signature and insert the signature as a JPEG file.

Proof the certificate for accuracy and then print it on heavy bond paper.

Find a training certificate on the Internet in PDF file format that has appropriate verbiage, and print the certificate on heavy bond paper. If you have chosen a PDF training certificate template, you will not be able to change it; therefore, make sure you find one that has the verbiage you need.

Write or manually type the employee's name, course name and completion date on the certificate.

Have the appropriate company official sign the printed certificate.


Consider placing the training certificate in an inexpensive frame before presenting it to your employee.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Heavy bond paper
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