How to Fix an RC Helicopter That Spins Uncontrollably

Updated February 21, 2017

Flying RC helicopters is a hobby enjoyed the world over. RC helicopters come in a large variety of types from simple toy models to expansive models that accurately recreate the flying characteristics of actual helicopters. When flying the models though, sometimes there are complications that affect how the helicopter performs. One of the more common problems happens when you trim the helicopter badly. A badly trimmed vehicle can spin uncontrollably on lift-off. Fortunately, this is easily fixed; with minor adjustments, your helicopter can fly steadily in the direction of your choice.

Set the helicopter on a flat surface in an open space for take-off. Start the engine of the helicopter, and then apply slight pressure to the throttle on your remote-controlled transmitter, sliding it slowly forward.

As you apply the throttle, watch the helicopter as it takes off. Look for the direction of the spin as the landing skids leave the ground, and then reduce the forward pressure on the throttle to land the helicopter.

Adjust the trim control on your remote transmitter to reduce the spinning. Turn the trim control in the direction opposite the spin of the helicopter, making a small adjustment to the knob.

Lift the helicopter again, checking for the spin. As a result of your adjustment, the spin should be decreased slightly and the helicopter should spin more slowly. Land the vehicle and repeat the adjustment and testing process until you remove all the spin and the helicopter lifts while remaining pointed toward the front.

Things You'll Need

  • RC mini helicopter
  • Remote-controlled transmitter
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