How to Reset a Forgotten Security Unlock Code for My Motorola V300

Updated March 23, 2017

You can lock your Motorola V300 to prevent a thief from racking up calls with it. If you forget the unlock code, you can still unlock the phone. The V300 has a password hierarchy so that a master code, called the “security code,” will get around the lock and allow you to reset the unlock code. If you don’t have either the security code or the unlock code, there are still other options.

Enter the number you think is your 4-digit unlock code. Do it once slowly, so you don’t waste the number of tries you’re allowed before the phone completely locks. If you never set a code, try 1234. The factory sets this as the default. If that fails, try the last four digits of your home phone number. That’s the default of some network providers. If all these fail, go to Step 2.

Click the menu key, which has horizontal lines on it. It sits between the left and right soft keys and above the round 5-way navigation keys. You should now see the unlock code bypass screen. Enter your 6-digit security code. Select “OK.” If this doesn’t work or you don’t remember your security code, go to Step 3.

Try 000000 as the factory default setting for the security code. If that doesn’t work, go to Step 4.

Call your network’s customer service centre. Locked phones usually let you call both customer service and 911. However, calling on a separate phone will make entering the code they give you easier to enter and test while they’re still on the phone with you.

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