How to insert stem casters into your furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Stem casters allow you to attach wheels to your furniture, so you can move heavier furniture. The types of stem casters you need are determined by the way the stem caster attaches to the socket. Grip neck stems have a tapered neck that snaps into the socket, holding the stem caster in your furniture. Grip ring stems have a locking ring that sits in a groove; when you push the stem into the socket, the lock ring snaps into place, holding the caster in place.

Refer to the installation instructions of the stem caster socket to determine the hole size required for the installation of the stem caster socket.

Position the furniture so you have easy access to the bottom of the furniture's legs.

Align one edge of the combination square with two opposing corners of a square furniture leg and draw a pencil line across the bottom of the furniture leg with the carpenter's pencil. Align the combination square blade with the other two opposing corners of the same square leg and draw another line with the carpenter's pencil. Where the two pencil lines cross will be the centre of the leg and the place you will drill the hole for the stem castor socket. For round legs, you need the centring attachment, which resembles a V, from the combination square set. Make two intersecting lines by keeping the V of the centring attachment tight to the side of the round leg. Repeat this step to mark the centre of each of the legs.

Secure the drill bit recommended by the stem caster socket installation instructions into the chuck of the 9 mm (3/8 inch) drill motor and put on your safety glasses.

Mark the depth you need to drill the hole by placing the tape measure along the drill bit and drawing a line around the drill bit with the permanent marker. The depth of the hole will be listed in the stem caster socket installation instructions.

Drill the hole at each pencil line-marked centerline. Stop drilling when the line you marked on the drill bit reaches the surface of the wooden furniture leg.

Mix the two-part epoxy and apply the epoxy to the outside edge of the stem caster socket with an acid brush.

Lightly tap the epoxy-coated stem caster socket into the drilled hole. Repeat the process for each leg of the piece of furniture.

Tap a stem caster into each stem caster socket with the hammer after the epoxy has cured for the time specified by the two-part epoxy installation instructions to complete the stem caster installation process.

Things You'll Need

  • Stem caster socket
  • Combination square set
  • Pencil
  • Drill bit set
  • 9 mm (3/8 inch) drill motor
  • Safety glasses
  • Two-part epoxy adhesive
  • Acid brush
  • Hammer
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