How to Create Playlists in a Creative Zen Vision: M

Updated February 21, 2017

The Creative Zen Vision: M MP3 player allows users to store and play back their favourite music while on the go. The device features several different playback options. Among the options is the ability to create playlists from the songs stored on the device. By creating playlists, users have more control over which songs they listen to, the order in which the tracks are played, and the number of songs that are played.

Highlight “Music Library” by moving your finger up or down on the touch pad, and tap the touch pad to select the option.

Scroll through your music library to find the first track that you want to place in the playlist.

Press the “Options” button, and choose “Add to Selected.” The “Options” button is in the bottom right corner, and it has the symbol of an “E” with an arrow pointing down.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each song you want to place in the playlist.

Choose “Music Library,” and then select “Now Playing.”

Push the “Options” button, and choose “Save as Playlist.” The Creative Zen Vision: M will prompt you for a name for the playlist.

Enter the name by scrolling through the letters with the touch pad and tapping the touch pad to enter each letter.

Choose the check mark icon when you are finished entering the name to save the playlist.

Play back the playlist by opening “My Library,” choosing “Playlists” and then selecting the name of the playlist.

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