How to Replace the Touch Pad on a Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

If the touchpad on your laptop is cracked or defective and your computer is no longer under warranty, touchpad replacement can be fairly expensive. To replace the touchpad on your laptop yourself, you can remove the old top cover and replace it with a new one. Most top cover replacements already have a touchpad included, so you do not have to swap out the touchpad itself, thus making replacement much simpler.

Click "Start," then select "Shut Down" from the list of options. Disconnect any cables or cords connected to the laptop.

Check the lights below the top cover to confirm that the computer is completely powered off before continuing. Touch a bare metal object to dispel any static electricity from your body.

Shut the lid, then flip the computer around so that the bottom is facing you. Unscrew or unlock the battery from its compartment. Remove it from the laptop, then set it aside.

Flip the computer over once again, then turn the back of the laptop towards you. Check for screws and remove any you see.

Open the lid to the laptop. Insert the end of a flathead screwdriver underneath one side of the bezel, located above the keyboard and below the monitor. Work the screwdriver along the edges of the bezel to loosen it.

Carefully pull the bezel from the laptop. Check along the top of your keyboard for any buttons or tabs that might be securing the keyboard in place.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to push down any buttons or tabs you see. If none are visible, insert the end of flathead screwdriver along the top of the keyboard, pushing it towards you.

Lift the keyboard up from the laptop, then turn it over and place it face down on the top cover.

Remove the cable connecting the keyboard to the computer. You may need to first pull back a tab attaching the cable to the motherboard.

Set the keyboard aside. Remove any screws you see lining the surface of the top cover. Do not remove any screws you see located below the top cover, where the motherboard is.

Lift the top cover from the laptop and set it aside. Place the new top cover, with the new touchpad, on top of the laptop's base.

Screw the new top cover into place. Reattach the keyboard's cable to the motherboard, then push down the tab to lock it in.

Tilting the keyboard at an angle, insert the bottom of the keyboard into the empty slot on the top cover, then lay the rest of the keyboard down.

Insert one end of the bezel into the tabs located on the left or right side of the laptop, then snap it into place. Make sure that the bezel is even with the rest of the laptop, since if it's not inserted correctly, it can damage the display when you attempt to close the lid.

Insert the battery pack back into its appropriate compartment. Lock or screw it into place.


You may need to remove extra parts, such as the hard drive or LCD display, before you can remove the top cover.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver
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