How to Log in Online to Microsoft Office Outlook

In many cases, computer users check their e-mail through a desktop client like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. However, individuals with accounts in a Microsoft Exchange server have another option. If they are away from their main computer, Exchange users can log in to their account online through a feature called Office Outlook Web Access. With Office Outlook Web Access, users can read and send e-mail, manage their calendar and find contacts in their address book.

Open any standard web browser on your PC or Mac computer. Office Outlook Web Access works on browsers like Safari and Firefox, but if you want to have the best functionality, use Internet Explorer 7 or later.

Navigate to the URL address of your Microsoft Exchange server. You will need to contact your system administrator to find out this address, because it varies for every Exchange server. In most cases, the URL will be, where "" is replaced by your company or organisation's main address.

Select a security option at the top of the Office Outlook Web Access page. You can choose from either a public computer login, which will not save your credentials for later visits, or a private computer login, which will save your credentials.

Enter your Exchange account name in the "User Name" field. If your Exchange server includes users on multiple domains, you may also have to include your domain in the field. For example, if you are on a domain called "AD," you will need to enter "AD\name" in the field.

Enter the password for your Exchange account and hit the "Log On" button. The web browser will connect to your Exchange server and bring you to the main Office Outlook Web Access home page.

User the icons in the upper-left corner of the window to view and manage your e-mail, calendar and contacts.

Things You'll Need

  • PC or Mac computer
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