How to Adjust the Time on a Fossil Watch

Fossil watches are user-friendly and very simple to set. Performing routine maintenance, such as a battery replacement, may cause the time on your Fossil wrist watch to be slightly off. Adjust the time on your analogue or digital Fossil watch to have your watch back to normal in no time.

Locate the crown on the right side of your Fossil watch, in the three o'clock position.

Pull your Fossil watch crown out to the second notch to adjust the time. If you pull out the watch crown and the date begins advancing, you've pulled the crown to the third notch instead of the second; push it back in to the second notch.

Rotate the watch crown clockwise to move your watch's hour, minute and second hands to the desired positions.

Push your Fossil watch crown back in to the first notch.

Press and hold your watch's top left button until currently set time is displayed.

Press and hold the bottom left button on your digital Fossil watch to enter the time-setting screen. Wait for the seconds place digits to begin flashing.

Use the watch's bottom right button to advance the seconds place digits to the desired value. To zero out the seconds place and advance the flashing to the minutes place, press the bottom left button on your Fossil watch. Set the minutes place to the desired value.

Advance the flashing from the minutes to the hours place by pressing the watch's bottom left button. Press the bottom right button on your Fossil watch to advance the number values as desired.

Press the top left button on the watch to exit the time setting screen and return to time-telling mode.


If you have an automatic movement watch, try winding it 15 to 20 full rotations before adjusting the time.


If your watch refuses to keep the correct time after it's been reset, consider troubleshooting its battery.

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