How to Reduce the Resolution of a PDF With Free Tools

Updated March 23, 2017

Adobe allows document creators to have access to PDF software, which provides the ability to work with documents from a broad range of computer operating systems. Any machine that contains free Adobe Reader software has the chance to display and print any PDF document from any other computer. However, if you desire to reduce the resolution of a document that you create, you can do this for free via your PDF file.

Locate the PDF document with which you want to work. Open it with "Preview."

Go to "File" on the upper portion of the screen. Click your mouse on the "Print" option. This enables a pull-down box to come up.

Click the "PDF" button and wait for a separate pull-down box to come up on your computer.

Enter the title of the file you want to save when you see the "Save" window. Then store the reduced PDF file on your computer.

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