How to Make a Doll Online That Looks Like You

Updated February 21, 2017

There are two companies that allow you to design a doll online that looks just like you. My Twinn and Reflections of Me Dolls both accept online orders for look alike dolls. As of Spring 2010, the cost to create a customised doll ranges in price from £96 up to £260 for each doll. Both companies allow you to choose hair colour and styles, eye colour and skin tones for your doll. Both companies accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Log on to My Twinn's Custom Twinn Doll website to create your look alike doll. The website is

Select what type of outfit you want your look alike doll to wear. You have several choices including a dress, jeans and T-shirt, pyjamas or a jump suit.

Enter your name and birthdate on the web page so the doll can be named after you.

Choose an eye colour for your doll. There are nine different colours to chose from, including blue, green and brown.

Select the skin tone for your doll. You can even indicate whether you want your doll to have freckles,a birthmark or a mole.

Choose your doll's hair colour, length, style and texture. There are 10 different hair colours, six different lengths, four different styles and six different types of hair textures to choose from.

Click "Add to Cart" to purchase your look alike doll.

Log on to the Reflections of Me Dolls website to create a doll that looks like you. The website is

Select your doll's eye and hair colour by typing the words into the order form.

Log into your e-mail account and type this e-mail address in the "To" column:

Attach two pictures of yourself to the email. One picture should be a close-up of your face. The other should be a profile picture.

Type your name, e-mail address and phone number in the body of the email and then click "Send." This is so someone from the company can contact your if they have any questions.


American Girl also has a "Just Like Me" doll that can be personalised, but as of Spring 2010, you cannot order this doll online.


It may take up to six weeks after you place the order to receive your look alike doll. My Twinn accepts rush orders for an additional fee. With this service, the doll will be created in 7 days.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pictures of yourself
  • E-mail address
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