How to Design Your Own Silk Riding Hat

Updated February 21, 2017

A silk riding hat is actually a silk riding hat cover, which goes over the hard, protective hat worn while riding. Custom shops can make silk riding hat covers based on your design choices. One such place found online is Treehouse, (See References). The simplest way to design your own hat cover is to choose the colours and patterns you like best. That way your hat will be fairly unique and still adhere to acceptable fashion designs.

Decide whether to use ties or elastic to hold the silk cover on your hat. Then choose a thickness for the ties or elastic.

Choose from the various standard patterns available, such as diamond pattern, checks, stars, hearts, stripes, plain, quartered or spotted. If you have your own design drawn up, check with the custom shop to see if they can sew it for you.

Choose a basic colour for your silk hat. This is the main or background colour.

Choose a contrasting colour for the design, if applicable.

Decide if you would like a pom-pom on top of the hat as an extra. If so, choose a colour for the as pom-pom.

Complete the process by submitting the order to the custom shop. If using Treehouse, the process is as simple as filling out the online form, making selections in each of the boxes. Other shops will have a similar protocol.

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