How to Design a Virtual Guitar Online

Updated April 17, 2017

Guitarists in the market for a new electric guitar will find that there are innumerable colours, patterns and body shapes to choose from. If you still can't find a guitar you like, however, you can go online to create and custom order your a guitar that will be exactly the way you want it.

Research different types of body types, pickup setups, bridges and headstocks you want. These are things you may not think about when building a custom guitar. Look on or to find out what options are available and what they each do. You can also get an idea of where to start by looking at your favourite guitar player's guitar style.

Log onto and click the "Design a Guitar" icon on their home page. Click it again on the following page and you should be automatically navigated to the site's VGB (virtual guitar builder).

Begin choosing a body colour and its transparency level (the higher level of transparency you choose, the more wood grain you'll see in the body).

Go on to customise the rest of your guitar by selecting the options from the bar located at the bottom of the VGB window. You can customise virtually everything on the guitar from the type of wood used for the fretboard to the colour of the control knobs.

Click the Frank Montag link from the resources section below. Wait awhile for the site to load, as it may take upwards of a minute.

Choose the colour of your guitar by clicking the "Color" tab located directly underneath the virtual guitar. You can also choose different styles of finishes for the body by selecting the different tabs located underneath the colour box.

Go down the line of tabs located beneath the virtual guitar to tweak all the little details of your custom guitar. Don't forget to play around with the tabs that appear below the Virtual Guitar Builder box.

Click the "Explorer Guitar Generator" link from the resources section below. Be patient, as again, this site may take little while to load.

Hover your cursor over the little orange boxes located in the bottom left-hand side of the guitar generator window to find out what each button does. Click the button, after finding out what it is, to begin working on that particular customisable feature.

Tweak the options that appear in the lower right-hand side of the window after clicking a particular orange button. For instance, after clicking the first orange button ("Body") you can select the option of having a custom colour solid fill finish, a natural finish or a graphic. When you select which type of finish you want, even more options will appear for you to fine-tune your customisation.


Play around with different designs. Take your time and build at least five different guitars before settling on one you want to order.

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