How to Thicken Paint

brush in paint image by Vladislav Gajic from

Easy to apply straight from the can, indoor and outdoor wall paint should be mixed to the correct consistency by the manufacturer. If you get an unusually runny batch of paint or want to cover a textured wall paint or wood surface, you might want to use a thicker paint.

Available at most paint retailers, ready made paint thickener should provide some relief for drippy paints.

Pour the paint from the paint can into a larger paint bucket that is at least 25 per cent larger than the paint can.

Pour a small amount of the paint thickener into the paint and stir with the paint stirring stick. The amount to use will vary by manufacturer so read the label on the paint thickener container.

Paint a small amount of paint onto a surface such as a piece of cardboard to test the consistency for thickness. If the paint is still too thin, add more paint thickener and stir well.

Do not add more than 25 per cent of cellosize hydroxyethyl cellulose than the paint. The amount of thickener should not be greater than three to one.